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All medical malpractice cases are difficult. There are many medical and legal technicalities that must be handled properly for a case to go forward. Coffey & Nichols knows how to handle these technicalities with experience, hard work, and attention to detail.

Malpractice cases are also hard because doctors, like everyone else, do not like to admit they have made a mistake. They and their insurance companies often fight tooth and nail against individuals who have been injured. Because Coffey & Nichols limits its practice to those who have been seriously or permanently injured by medical mistakes, we have the time and experience needed to get victims compensation despite the hard fight of doctors and their insurance companies.

We do not file or handle “frivolous lawsuits.” We have successfully represented people injured by:

  • hospital-acquired infections (read more)
  • anesthesia malpractice
  • emergency room mistakes
  • failures to diagnose or timely treat meningitis, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and kidney failure (read more)
  • boundary violations by psychiatrists, therapists
  • ob/gyn mistakes like failures to perform timely C sections and bad gynecological surgeries
  • failures to follow up on tests performed (read more)
  • failures to properly treat hand injuries
  • failures to diagnose bile leaks, cancer, spinal cord compression, stroke
  • surgical errors, including reconstructive and abdominal surgeries
  • bad cataract surgeries
  • IV infiltration
  • nursing errors (read more)
  • post-operative bleeding
  • foreign objects left in the patient
  • nursing home and hospital malpractice — bed sores, falls, other injuries
  • unqualified medical personnel (read more)

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