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Coffey & Nichols limits its practice to representing victims injured by product defects or misconduct of others. Within that framework, we have experience in many types of cases:

Personal Injury

Serious injuries can happen anywhere and are often not your fault. We have experience representing people injured in car and truck crashes, and due to dangerous conditions of property. We also have experience representing those who have suffered emotional injuries from sexual abuse and assault.

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Medical Negligence

While most of the time doctors and others health care providers do their best for their patients, these professionals can and do make careless mistakes. These mistakes can have devastating consequences for patients and their families. Coffey & Nichols is proud to have successfully represented hundreds of victims of medical negligence.

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Product and Drug Liability

Many products and drugs that are on the market, in the workplace and used in the medical field are dangerous. Sometimes the manufacturers of these products and drugs don’t give appropriate warnings about their dangers or have made a choice to sell or use a product or drug despite the dangers because of the opportunity to turn a profit. Fighting these large manufacturers can be expensive and difficult but Coffey & Nichols has the experience and resources to do it, and has a proven track record of success.

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