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Personal injury cases include cases in which an individual is injured by another’s negligence. The most well known of these cases are auto accident and slip and fall cases. Some people consider these situations garden variety cases, taking on hundreds of them and treating them all alike. Because Coffey & Nichols limits its cases to those in which there is serious or permanent injury, none of our cases are garden variety. Coffey & Nichols understands that every case and every client is different. We have helped clients who were injured:

  • in car and truck crashes
  • by negligent drivers
  • by drunk drivers
  • by dangerous conditions of property

Although many firms shy away from difficult or costly fights, we are used to those kind of battles, and even enjoy them. We love to represent simple, honest people whose lives have been damaged by the carelessness of businesses. We have helped clients who were injured:

  • by negligent security measures
  • by lack of fire safety measures like fire escapes and smoke alarms
  • by bad gas pipes
  • by failures to warn workers of fire hazards (read more)

Recently, sexual abuse and assault cases have been getting lots of attention. Coffey & Nichols, however, has been helping these victims for many years. The results of sexual abuse and assault can be terrible and these emotional injuries can be as traumatic as physical injuries. This is even more so when the abuse or assault arises out of professional or other trust-based relationships. We have helped clients who were sexually abused or assaulted:

  • by friends, relatives and in intimate relationships (read more)
  • as members of youth organizations
  • as members of churches
  • by their psychiatrists and therapists
  • because of negligent security measures
  • because of negligent hiring or retention

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